For your convenience, Snj Seamless Rain Gutters, has answered the following questions frequently asked by our customers:

1. How can I keep leaves and pine needles from clogging my gutters?
We can install a leaf-proof cover system.

2. Can I have rain gutters with a metal roof?
Yes, there are a few different installation options depending on the pitch of your roof.

3. Does the rain gutter and downspout have to be the same color?
No, we can use different colors to match your siding and trim.

4. How long will it take to install rain gutters and do I have to be home?
We can usually complete your installation in one day. You do not have to be home while we work. But we do need access to an outside power source.

5. Will rain gutters cause ice dams on my roof?
No, gutters are not why this occurs. Ice dams are caused by a lack of insulation or airflow in the attic. We can recommend solutions to this if it becomes a problem.

6. What type of rain gutter will you install for me?
We will be installing a K-style gutter, the most commonly used and preferred gutter in the industry.

7. What is a rain gutter made of?
.032 gauge aluminum.

8. Will my rain gutters be seamless?
Yes, unless we need to go around inside or outside 90 degree corners.